Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Childhood Obesity Study

An Australian study into childhood obesity by the University of Sydney found that the number of children exercising is 20% higher than in 1997.

Strike one down for the good guys in the war against childhood obesity.

Unfortunately this childhood obesity study also found that the rate of obese children in Australia has increased in children aged between 4 and 16.

What's the problem.

One of the authors of this childhood obesity study - Dr Michael Booth - said our kids are "simply eating too many calories primarily through junk foods."

Dr Booth went on to recommend some kind of restriction on marketing junk foods to kids.

Dr Booth is a captain in the fight against childhood obesity.

I say make the junk food advertisers tell the truth.

How many more dire predictions do we need from one childhood obesity study after another before we take action.

Let's make those junk food manufacturers label their products with warnings like "trans fatty acids in this food have been linked to obesity, cancer, depression and a wide variety of disease."

Or "this nutritionally barren food is laden with sugar which stimulates the production of insulin in your body leading to a cascade of destructive hormones linked to disease."

But we can't completely blame the junk food companies.

As parents a lot of the time we're the ones buying this junk food for our kids.

A great diet and lifestyle starts at home.

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The greatest childhood obesity study in history is taking place right now and ALL our children are the subjects.

The question is, as a parent are you going to let this be one of those awful studies where all the kids end up with horrible disease...

Or are you going to fight the good fight and help your child become slim, healthy and happy.

Andrew Cavanagh

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